My path to real estate was a journey full of many experiences, all of which have taught me to appreciate life’s ever changing opportunities and have a keen intuition about people. 

I grew up in East Germany.  From the age of 15, I had been a professional drummer and studied music in the baroque and picturesque town of Dresden. Music was my life during my teens and early twenties. I played with Big Bands, pop bands and jazz groups, with some of the best musicians from Germany and abroad.  

I experienced the fall of the wall in 1989 at the age of 24.  After the fall, our audiences used their discretionary funds to buy cars, color TVs and travel instead of listening to live music, resulting in the demise of the east German music industry. I had to reinvent myself.

My then-wife and I decided to build a film studio taken over from her late father, serving different German broadcasting stations. We won a prize for ‘entrepreneurs of the year’, which offered, aside from a $50,000 Mark cash injection, entrepreneurial and legal guidance from a top echelon advisor firm. Those years helped me understand and appreciate market dynamics and the capitalistic system.  I learned Editing at the studio and stayed in the field beyond the end of our marriage to work as a freelance Editor for the First German Television (ARD) for 10 years.

After that time, I needed a new challenge so that’s when I decided to move to a country I had not even visited yet. I landed in L.A. on August 14th of 2000 with two suitcases. With no knowledge of the language or knowing anyone here I started to build my new life in the US.  I learned a new language and began to explore my surroundings.  What made me feel like I found home very early on was the general friendliness of everyday people and the can-do attitude of L.A.’s population.

Shortly after my move, I made a lifelong dream come true by buying my first motorcycle. The sport of Motorcycling should become my new hobby.

Partial to Italian design and passion, I am currently on my 3rd Ducati! My idea of the perfect getaway includes a spectacular location with beautiful scenery and perfect roads plus tasty meals and hospitality! Like here at Passo di Stelvio in Italy!


A successful and fulfilling career in Real Estate has proven to be the perfect match for my personality. I love negotiating and making sure that people have a trusted partner in large life decisions.  

Once a year, I visit my family and friends in Germany, but I can say that, after 19 years, I have found my forever home in the city of Angels! I’ll be delighted to help you realize your home dream as well!


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Clemens Mandell
Clemens Mandell
Luxury Property Specialist
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